Need to clear out an old printing press shop, SE Idaho

Located in Idaho Falls Idaho

So I recently purchased a house, the previous owner ran a printing press business out of an on-site shop. As part of the sale I acquired all of the larger machinery.

To be honest I don’t know what half of this stuff does, but I’d hate too see machinery like this sent to the junk pile. I don’t want to fire anything up for fear of breaking something, but from what I’m told the owner ran operations here until 2015 when he had to stop due to health issues.

The estate did take anything that wasn’t bolted down (in breach of agreement but I digress), so all the typesets and such are gone.

Anyway, looking to see if there is any interest in any of this machinery.

Machine wise, I know there is a Heidelberg, a Linotype, two Intertypes, two Chief 15’s, two Reid Racks, and then a number of other machines and cabinetry I’m not familiar with.

Hard to put a value on this from my perspective, as I’m sure coming and hauling them out will he a costly endeavor, but I’m open to offers on pretty much any or all of it.

Pics at the link.


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