cleaning ink plate

Does anyone have any suggestions for cleaning the inkplate of my Kelsey?

It has some residue that seems a big flaky, and I heard that it hasn’t been used for quite some time. I appreciate any suggestions!

Best Regards!

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The bottom side of your ink disk should probably be relatively clean, painted cast iron, but it’s not terribly important. The top side of the ink disk should be clean, smooth, bare metal, with perhaps a very thin residue of ink solvent left on after washup, or a thin wipe of oil or other rust retardant if you know you’re not using the press again for a while.

So what’s the flaky stuff like and where is it? If it’s old ink, scrape it off. If it’s rust, use Evaporust or whatever to remove it. Either way, then gently sand and/or polish the top of the ink disk to clean bare iron.

Thank you Dave! I think it is ink solvent residue… from some time ago.

I appreciate your response!