Typeface Identification

Looking for help identifying this pre-1900 typeface. Manufactured by Bruce Type Foundry of NY as per the pin mark. I looked through some online Specimen books for Bruce but didn’t seem to find this one. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

image: image.jpg


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I believe that the face is Bruce’s Ornamented No. 1546. What size is it?

Dave Greer

It is 18pt. I’m currently working on organizing what I assume is the lower case and the figures. Do you have a specimen or is it available in one of the Bruce specimen books online? When I received this font it was pied and mixed with 2 other fonts and separating was pretty time consuming. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

I have not tried to find a showing, online, but if you can find a circa 1900 Bruce specimen book you can see some of the lower case on page 265. The lower-case did not have any ornamentation, so the letters should be easy to identify. I can upload a photo of the page to my Flickr site, but can’t do it today.


I found some time this morning, See:
Not the greatest photo but it will have to do.


Thanks again. The specimen will make it easier to separate my 3 pied fonts into the correct figures and lowercase.