Windmill Mystery Screws

Hello everyone,

I’ve been cleaning a recently acquired Heidelberg Windmill 10x15 and noticed two screws on the bottom of the left lay standard. I can not figure out what they are for, having found nothing in either the manual or the parts book.

Specifically, they are located and recessed on the bottom plate in the protrusion used for table channel. I thought perhaps they might be used to lock the plate position on the standard, but they are too short. These screws only appear on the left standard — the right standard and both delivery standards have two channel ‘nubs’.

Is it possible they are for attaching some sort of accessory?

Thanks so much.

image: StandardScrews.png


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The strip that fits into the slot under the pile guide standard, lay guide side, is intended to maintain precise alignment to perpendicular with the front of the pile. The standard has an angular adjustment with lock for the special requirements of oddly-shaped jobs. All the other standards have no need for such an arrangement. — Frank.