Stuck roller arm 8x12 c&p

On my press the 3rd roller holders have been unused for an unknown amount of time. Recently I’ve been wanting to add in the 3rd roller but the hooks seem very stuck. I’ve tried degreasing with acetone and regreasing with rd40 but to no avail so far. I can get just under the hook with an ink knife but it won’t budge, and I’ve tried to gently use the roller as a lever but I’m worried about bending the shaft of the roller. Any tips?

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You can try a wooden block and hammer to tap the roller rod from the back of the press. Be gentle as it’s possible there’s just a thick layer of ink that’s been caked on the rod.

Also make sure you’ve cleaned and oiled (no grease) the portion of the rod and spring that’s housed inside the roller frame.

You can also try rotating the roller hook (grab it with a clamp and turn gently clockwise and counterclockwise until free).

My guess is that there’s just years of dried ink that needs to be overcome.

Hope this helps,