What’s a reasonable price?

Soliciting opinions…a local family is cleaning out the basement, and the grandfather’s printing equipment has been dormant for 20 years.

I have found some equipment I can put to good use. Wondering what is a fair price to pay for it, and any opinions are welcome!

1. 19” guillotine cutter - “Superior Samuel Stephenson” looks similar to a challenge lever arm, mounts to a bench.

I am thinking $300? Or should I be paying them more? I will need to get the blade sharpened.

2. Ten small quoins, 2 long quoins, 2 keys. $100?

3. Three cool counters that lock into the chase. Cool!

4. An old lockup set for printing on a curve. Its in a nice box. $100? 50$?

5. Typman roll holder and a half a roll of tympan paper. $100?

6. Slug cutters. One straight, one cuts on an angle. No idea.

7. Some miscellaneous blocks - holly leaves, bells, arrows. ?$50 - some are pretty corroded looking not sure they will print.

All for my personal use, as I’m not a guy who is selling stuff. Just want to be fair to this very nice family!

Incidentally - they have 2 C&P presses, one old style 10x15 I think, and one new style 12x20 with a Kluge pneumatic feeder attachment, that look to be in very good shape - not bad access, basement is only a couple feet down, if anyone is interested - they would prefer not to scrap!


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Where is this? Pictures would help. The more the better.

+1 on pics
especially the lock-up for printing on curve

$300 for the cutter is reasonable if in good shape. You seem high on the rest. I have found that $500 is a magic number for a pile of stuff, pretty often.

Thanks everyone! jack