Wedding invitation paper suggestions

I am printing a wedding invitation for a friend who wants a heavy cotton deckle edged paper (A7 with reply cards and envelopes).

I have not ventured into this realm and am looking for suggestions.

I want a paper without an excessive amount of texture so that it prints well.

It’s a short run of twenty.

Many thanks.

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Hi Heather! Here are a few suggestions: BFK Rives, Savoy, Magnani Pescia. Or if the design allows for (faux) deckled edges all around, Arturo and Fabriano Medioevalis have sets with matching envelopes. I may have enough to send you 20 or so; send me a private message and we can discuss.
(18pt Garamond ring a bell?)

I have occasionally done wedding stuff for family. The cost of paper can be a factor, however people do like the deeper impressions. On two occasions, we used pads of water-colour paper from a big box store (Michaels), they loved it. Not sure about the deckle edge.