Craftsman Superior 6.5x10 Tabletop Platen Press

Craftsman Superior 6.5x10 tabletop platen press: $2000.00, all reasonable offers will be considered.

Purchased around 2006. Have printed hundreds of cards and small prints, was being used periodically until 2 years ago. Press was oiled when in use and always kept in the house/under climate control. In good shape, one of the Side Arm Washer Screws head sheared off, but the press is still functional, no cracks or welds.

Pick up from the Eastern Shore of Maryland (near Easton, MD/20 min from the Bay Bridge) OR possible drop (cost based on location). If picking up will help load, its heavy but can be moved by 2 people.

Boxcar Base w/grid (a little banged up on two edges but face is level/smooth—KF152 plates print well with minimal make-ready)
Double Grip Gauge pins (3)
Megill Spring Tongue Gauge Pins (3)
Trucks (4)
Rollers (2 sets, stored suspended in enclosed shoe box holder)
Speed Quoins (2) and Key
Shoebox of wooden furniture
Leading (small box in photo plus additional)
News Gothic 10pt in case
2 decorative small typefaces in custom wooden box
Composing Sticks (8, various lengths)
Wooden Planer
Tympan roll (not new, but still a good amount)
Ink: crate of assorted cans of Van Son Rubber Base Plus (mostly 1lb cans—some used/some unopened—from the Pantone mixing set)

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