Help with Heidelberg Windmill

My husband and I are looking for someone to help us out with our Heidelberg Windmill. We purchased it back in 2016, and only had one day of training with the seller before going off on our own and trying to figure things out for ourselves (shout out to Briarpress for lending a lot of that help!)

We’ve managed to hack our way to completing several jobs, but there are certain ongoing issues that we’re hoping to get some help on.

It would be amazing to spend a working day with someone who can come to us and run a job, with the goal of dialing in our machine/troubleshooting/learning. We would offer compensation for the time.

Our main issue is that we are having trouble with register on multi-color jobs. It seems like our design lands in a different place on each impression (especially when we print with guides, which from what I understand is unusual).

If you or someone you know would be willing/able to help us out, please reach out. Thank you!

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