Turnkey letterpress print shop and bookbinding studio

I have decided it’s time to sell my letterpress print shop and bookbinding studio. This would be a great setup for someone looking to take the next step in building out their business or for an existing business looking to expand.

Full details and photos to come but highlights include:

* C&P 10x15 Old Style Gordon Job Press Serial Number: C2184 (press was fully restored in 2009 with the motor tucked inside frame, mounted to fork truck-able skid made from 2x6 lumber)
* Guillotine paper cutter
* Jaques board shear
* Small book press
* Multiple 1# cans oil based ink
* Various tools
* Quality paper stock including Strathmore, Rives, Cranes, etc.
* Book cloth
* And much more

All heavy equipment is located at ground level with reasonable easy access provided you bring the muscle.

Preference would be to sell everything together; however, I would consider splitting the letterpress print shop and bookbinding studio into 2 separate transactions.

Reach out with questions. Ad will be updated as I pull together more of the specific details, etc.

Press pics are from restoration before it was shipped to its current location.

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image: PlatenPressPics.jpg