Vandercook No.4 & Vandercook SP15 & Vandercook 05 & C&P pres

Vandercook No 4 and Vandercook SP15 and Vandercook 05
As well as most any size C&P press. Also ask me about your needs or wants or reach out for free press advice


The No. 4 is in Pennsylvania as pictured … should be in printing condition no … $15,999 as it is or close offer …. I can crate it and ship it or have it delivered or whatever you want
There is no lockup bar but I may have one or can locate one

The SP15 is in Indiana
$15,900 or close offer …. it is currently being operated on a regular basis

I also have a Vandercook 05 … look it up it’s an odd one … it is in Savannah, GA and it has small diameter like 3 inches, rubber impression cylinder Like a Nolan but has an inking system It has no grippers

It should print as it is $6499 or close offer or I can restore it to any level you want

I have a hand 30 inch challenge cutter from the 1960s probably in Savannah $1499

30 inch Challenge 305 with side tables hydraulic cutter 3 phase 1994 cutter In Savannah $2,499 or offer

Gigantic Viking automatic screen printing press that prints about a 3x5 foot sheet In Savannah $2,499 or offer

CALL 706-540-3285 or text if you have interest … leave a message if you call and I’ll call you back

All of the vandercooks are complete with all parts

Call me I have lots of photos

We also sell rollers for most machines, some parts and offer free advice! I am Rick

I also have lots of c&p presses and some cutters and and … ask me if you need something. I have chases available

I also have lots of C&P presses

I can send you photos briar is not letting me upload them …

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