Vandercook 219AB, Heidelberg Windmill

Vandercook 219AB (SOLD), Heidelberg Windmill (AVAILABLE)

Adjustable bed
Hand crank, motorized ink distribution
Max sheet 18 3/4” x 28”
Maximum form of 18”x24”

Rollers in good condition. Includes an extra set of unused rollers. One of the larger Vandercooks at about 10ft long and 2600 lbs. Perfect for large prints.

This was purchased in 2001 from Steve Robinson of Letterpreservation, who restored it to great running condition including the cylinder, bearers, bed, movements adjustments, etc. The only thing that is lacking is paint. I have not used it in about 5 years, but everything is operational.

I’m asking for SOLD

Comes with Boxcar Base (17”x22”) which retails for $915.00

Heidelberg Windmill also for available. I purchased this press around 2013, but actually never got a chance to use it. I bought it from a local dealer, and intended to use it for a large business card run, but decided to do it by hand on the Vandercook. I was on a time crunch and couldn’t find a pressman to train me in time for the project. I came with a 220v motor, and I never had an electrician wire it up in my garage. It looks like it’s in great condition and was properly working when demoed by the dealer, but unfortunately I cannot vouch for it operation now.

Since I can’t guarantee the condition of the Windmill, or tell you much about it, it is free to a new home, with priority given to the buyer of the Vandercook. My preference is to also find a buyer who would be interested in both presses as a package.

I also have a Triumph 4810A paper cutter in good working condition. $300 or free with press purchase

Presses are located in a residential garage with a flat and level driveway. Buyer is responsible for all shipping expenses and arrangements.

Please contact me with any questions or requests for additional photos.

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