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24 Point DeVinne Open

Monotype Border #176

What’s Been Happening?

A Short Break
I started the online store back in the first half of 2021 but little did I know that my father would take a bad fall a few weeks later. I had to stop casting for several months but now I am back in action. I’m looking forward to casting more fonts and ornaments.

A New Type Caster!
Pelican Type Foundry has now acquired a Type and Rule Caster! After finally getting it up and going I cast the Monotype Border 176 on it. It still needs some love and attention for 24pt and above, but the 18pt is just fine.

New Books Scanned
I have scanned 2 new books now available on I have several more in the works to be scanned.

Book 1: Universal Type Caster Faces
This book came my way from Sky Shipley of
The original scans of the book were done by David McMillian of
This is the Specimen Book for The Universal Type-making Company in 1915. you can read more about the Universal Type-making caster here:

Book 2: Monotype Composition Plate Book 1955.

Thank you,

Larry K. Johnson

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