4pt Engravers Bold?

Has anyone come across any 4 pt Engravers Bold recently? Looking for some to use in my fauxstage stamp projects.


(oh, and maybe a recommendation for a good optometrist?)

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No, but I have a sealed ATF 4-point Franklin Gothic caps, dated March 8, 1950. if you are interested.

Dave Greer

Hi Dave, Sorry I missed this oh so long ago. I don’t really get how Briar Press works, I guess. Any chance you still have that 4pt Franklin Gothic?
Thanks, Tom

I will check to see if I still have those caps and post to this old thread.


Sorry, I could not find the 4-point Franklin Gothic caps in my inventory. I have a vague recollection of selling it to another person. Good luck in finding another small face — I think that the smallest body- size that I have, now, is 4.5-point Pearl No. 3 but it is not for sale right now. I might split it, if it was worth my work.

Hi Dave, Thanks for taking a look. Tom