Help - Great Grandfather’s printing press and paper cutter

Hello everyone,

My great grandfather installed a printing press (jobber with a counter) and Jewel paper cutter in the basement of his house when they bought it new in Ohio in 1913. The machines still remain in the basement. After my great grandfather passed away in the 1930s my grandfather, who stayed on in the house, continued to use the press well into the 1980s. He passed away in 1997. My grandmother’s estate is now in the process of being settled and my family would like to find homes for these two amazing machines that have been intact but collecting dust in the family home’s (dry) basement 100+ years. (There is also a lot of type and trays, etc.)

I have contacted several museums and historical organizations to see about a possible sale or donation if they are able to pick them up and restore. I heard back from a curator at the National Museum of American History who looked at some photos and referred me to your organization and website along with a referral to the Ohio Valley Chapter of the APHA. I’m waiting to hear back from them.

In the meantime, I was wondering if anyone in your community have a suggestion? The house will be up for sale at some point and these will need to be moved to avoid them being disposed of by the new owners. My family I know would love to see the press displayed at a museum and/or sold. Someone would need to remove and transport them from the house in Ohio.

Any advice and suggestions are welcome and much appreciated.


image: printingPress.jpg


image: JewelPaperCutter.jpg


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“Whereabouts in Ohio this equipment is located?” is the first thing that should be stated. If someone reading this post might be reasonably close by, it might gain a few responses. The press is a New Series; looks to be an 8x12, and the paper cutter about a 19”. Are there other items? They could tip the scales and get a response.

The press and paper cutter are located in Lakewood, Ohio. There are some letter trays and a lot of type in coffee cans.