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Can anyone put a name on this typeface for me? Very similar to some of the Antiques and Egyptians but the Q and J prove problematic. No pin marks. Any help appreciated. Couldn’t find in the Romans section of Encyclopedia of Type Faces by Jasper Berry and Johnson. With the ligatures may be pre 1900?
Thanks in advance

image: image.jpg


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Antique is the name for this. Rob Roy Kelly, the wood type expert, says this face was first shown by Darius Wells in 1828, so very early. I have a 30 point metal font very close to yours, mine bearing the “Dickinson” pin mark from the Boston foundry. The tail on the Q in mine is more loopy than yours, and your question mark is a bit different, which must be from another foundry. My lower case has no ligatures and you show no ligatures. Antique was a common mid-19th century typeface but a good and strong one.

Thanks Darrell
I knew it was an Antique style but none of the various Antiques listed in McGrew or Jasper/Berry/Johnson books showed a style with the J and Q quite the same. Also the wood type specimens in the Rob Roy Kelly book lacked them as well. Without the pin marks I guess we can assume it’s just another foundry’s version of the original design. Thanks again for your help.

BTW here is pic of the lower case showing ligatures

image: F4710AD7-22E9-40B5-A495-7359F173369A.jpeg