Heidelberg windmill diecutting jacket came loose

In my 48 years of running Heidelberg windmills I have never seen this problem; the die-cutting jacket worked its way off the left edge of the platen, by about an inch, before I noticed it. Both press and jacket are in good shape. It’s a 10 x 15. There is no set screw like the original jackets had. Any ideas about what caused this? (It’s a job I run year round, the current order is for 90,000 sheets)

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I’ve done plenty of die cutting on a Windmill, less than you. It happened once, after running long enough that I wasn’t paying close attention to it.

I put a square inch of two sided tape at top and bottom edge away from the head stop (?). The tape held tacky enough for numerous other subsequent jobs.

Don’t know why.

The tympan clamp on the right side was loose, I tightened it, and that seemed to solve the problem