Powering a Windmill

I just got a Heidelberg Windmill with a 1.5 HP 3 Phase motor. I only have single phase power in my shop and I’m trying to decide how to manage this. On one hand, I could replace the motor with a single phase motor, but I would like to leave it alone if possible. The press was running great in its former location and I don’t wanna screw it up. Am I being too cautious?

Secondly, I could get a phase converter, but I’m not sure what kind it would need. In an older post someone mentioned a Phase A Matic rotary converter. Now, these are pretty pricy (a good deal more than a new motor, I would think) but their static converters are cheaper. Is there a reason that I would need to employ a rotary converter rather than a static converter. The main distinction appears to be that with a static converter the motor supplies 2/3 of it’s rated horsepower, whereas the rotary converter gives you 100%. What is the practical difference I would see? I’d like to make a decision soon so I can get the thing running.

So, new motor or converter? Rotary or Static? What would you do? And are you the sort of person that regularly makes good decisions?

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When I bought my Heidelberg, I thought I had the same situation. Turns out the motor had been switched out to a 220 single phase 1.5 horse motor.

The press runs flawlessly. I’d forget about the three phase thing. I eliminated the cheapo convervters from the get go for the reasons you cited. The expensive converter (essentially another motor to power) didn’t make economic sense. Bottom line, a motor is a motor. If it starts properly and maintains speed, it doesn’t need to do much else.

“And are you the sort of person that regularly makes good decisions?”

hmmmm…that’s a little tougher question.

Yes, it’s much tougher. I, for example, took the guy’s word for it when I was told it was 3 phase. Yesterday, I started to clean 60 years of grease off the press and when I wiped off the the motor, sure enough, it read “single phase”. I soon regretted posting this question, but all of that was cast aside when I got some 220 juice to it and it started running like a champ. All’s well that ends well. But then there are the rollers…