Wood type like DeVinne

Any help identifying this 6 line wood type. Similar to aspects of DeVinne but slightly off. Have also seen comparisons to different Caslons. The lowercase g is and interesting shape I haven’t seen. Thanks for your insight.

image: 4845BE27-13EC-407F-AB2F-994FD91D3D4A.jpeg


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It looks like “Howland,” Hamilton No. 629.

Dave Greer

Hi Dave,
Thanks so much for your help! I’m curious what resource you are using to I.D? I have one hamilton wood type ID book but I’m sure there are more out there to use, but I also wonder the accessibility of them.


I used a copy of Hamilton’s Seventeenth Edition, page 139, which is just before the DeVinne examples. That reprint is still available from Shooting Star Press, P.O. Box 17252, Little Rock, AR 72222 — cost $40 postpaid. It is well worth the investment if you are a wood type buff.

Dave Greer

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