Unique 1900-1910 Fully Restored 8x10 German Platen Press

Selling this fully restored 8x10 German Platen Letterpress that was most likely manufactured between 1900-1910 (more info has been difficult to come by, so unsure of the brand - it is certainly very unique!). Asking $1500 OBO.

It is treadle operated, and the brake is unattached but should be easy to assemble once moved. I have had it since 2016, but never got around to re-covering the rollers, and have now decided to move on from printing.

The bed is about 8x10 and its cool because it’s the front part of the press that moves, while the back stays still, so unlike a C&P, you can put it right up against a wall. It’s treadle operated, and it has two feed trays, one on either side of the press (as opposed to having one of them in the front). It has room for four rollers, and an ink fountain, so you can do large production on it, but for small runs you can also just use two. There are four rollers, but they are pretty pitted now and would need to be recovered, since the press hasn’t been used in several years. The total footprint, including the feed trays (which could feasibly be taken off when the press isn’t in use), is 44” wide, 50” deep, and 130” tall. It was used for printing for many years, though I personally have not printed on it.


Selling this press as a set along with the other printing items I have, which include:
—Press furniture + stand
—Reglets + stand
—A box of misc. items including typesetting trays, lead, etc.
—A base for polymer plates, and a glass plate for ink rolling

The press is definitely over 1,000 lbs. Buyer is responsible for pickup, packaging for transport, etc.. I can recommend a great press mover if needed. The press is in a garage that is on street level, and raised up on a wooden platform, so it should be a fairly simple move (aside from the weight).

All items are sold “As Is”. No Warranty.

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