New Source of Treadles for C&P presses and some Goldings

NEW SOURCE of TREADLES for C&P presses and some Goldings

We have an OLD STYLE 10x15 C&P treadle!!

Our hooks are forged steel and DO NOT require any machining by the customer

We are casting treadles at an Amish foundry and then finishing, machining and painting them at Queen of Denmark in Denmark, South Carolina

We have new and old style treadles for 10x15 and 8x12 C&P as well as some Goldings and a universal one

I am looking for a C&P 7x11 and a 12x18 to borrow … if anyone has one please contact me.

We ship out of Tybee Island, Georgia

Best way to contact me is 706-540-3285 noon to midnight, phone or text


Thank you

Xx rick the printer

image: 8x12 old style

8x12 old style

image: 10x15 and 8x12 old style

10x15 and 8x12 old style

image: New style

New style

image: Golding G

Golding G

image: Pearl ❤️

Pearl ❤️

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