Vandercook Universal III - microswitch/wiring problem?

Hi all. This is a bit of a strange one. I finally have a little downtime, and wanted to fine tune the press: it’s been printing fine, but the carriage movement has been a bit bumpy and uneven. I’ve now adjusted the limit cams out as far as they can go, but the carriage still hits the bumpers too hard for my liking. I’ve adjusted the clutch as well, but I’m not certain that I can adjust it any further without causing damage, so I’ve backed it off a little once again.

The strange thing is that the carriage *seems* to speed up when it reaches the inner limit switches (which are meant to slow it down) and then abruptly stops when the cam activates the outside limit switches. The switch itself can’t be wired backwards, but perhaps some other wiring has become switched over? I’m certainly not knowledgeable enough to know. The person who reconditioned the press is, sadly, no longer with us, so I can’t ask him.

I’d appreciate any thoughts from those who know more than I do. Thanks for your time.

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Sorry, one last oddity: the “increase braking” knob also seems to work the opposite way to how I would assume: turning it fully anti-clockwise makes it brake very sharply, while fully anti-clockwise makes it brake very slowly. I would have thought that “increase braking” would mean “increase the effect of braking” not “increase the braking time”.

Is this the press from downstate SC? It seemed to have a wonky electrical setup.


Hi Michael; no, I’m in the UK. It came from a press engineer over here.