Ceiling ventilation for print shop

Does anyone have a recommendation for a powered ceiling fan or ‘bathroom’ vent to draw out fumes from printing? Fumes are from ink and mineral spirits. I have a 160sf print shop in my detached garage. I would like to vent the space during the cold seasons. Would a typical ‘bathroom’ vent rated for the right square-footage work? Or are there different issues with fumes versus bathroom moisture?

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Broan Nutone 503 would be perfect for your shop. It’s a 160CFM wall/ceiling exhaust fan and will pull mineral spirit and ink fumes out of an 160 sf space. You’ll still be able to smell the spirits a little bit a 1:1 cfm:sqft ratio will keep things well ventilated. Just make sure you have some make up air coming in.


I have a 400sf shop, and have a 110cfm bathroom fan mounted above my press area venting outside and it clears the space plenty quick.