The Evanescent Press

Registered24 Aug 22 (Unconfirmed)
ProprietorJohn Roland Stahl
Record keeperRoland Stahl
AddressP.O. Box 64
Leggett, CA USA 95585

I purchased my first press in 1971 (Adana 8x5), and completed printing my first book within two weeks. In 1983 I set up complete facilities for making handmade paper and purchased two more presses – a C&P 8x12 Oldstyle, and a Vandercook No 17. Among other projects, I have printed and bound my own original works of Hermetic, Pythagorean, and Taoist philosophy. Now I want to set up my equipment again back in Mendocino County, California, after spending many years in Southeast Asia.

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