Motor Mount

Good morning

I’m wondering if someone can tell me if the motor mount can be easily removed? I’m
Waiting for more pics to see if there is a crank shaft. Thanks so much

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Assuming you’re talking about a C&P… the motor mount can be easily removed. There are two large cotter pins on the lower back shaft as well as one long bolt that runs through the bracket that controls motor belt tension.

Remove the belt, remove the motor, loosen the tension nuts, lift the mount and slide the tension rod out from under the mount. Lower the mount to the floor and get to work removing the cotter pins. The cotter pins may need to be bent straight to remove and this can take some work, but it can be done with some patience. Then you can remove the long tensioner bracket bolt from the flywheel side of the press and, viola, your motor and mount are gone.


Dicharry-thanks so much. I believe the motor is long gone. I’m not sure if the mount is welded on or not.