C&P 10”x15” motor and frame trouble


I recently became the owner of a 10”x15” C&P. The motor is very old and the shaft is bent but it still seems to run fine. The problem seems to be that the frame/arm that the motor is mounted to lifts up which tilts downward towards the small end of the pulley and the pulley begins to slide off the shaft… It appears that I might be missing some pins where the frame/arm attaches to the press. I’ve attached a picture. I have more pictures I can email if anyone wants to tackle this problem!

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image: IMG_0140.jpg

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If the motor shaft is bent you should replace the motor. The pulley will never run true on a bent shaft and this is almost certainly why the belt is coming off. Even if the belt were to stay on it would likely cause excessive vibration. Usually motor mounts of this type are designed to pivet on the shaft to which they are mounted so that the weight of the motor will provide tension for the belt. Make sure the length of the belt is such that you have to lift the motor and mount a few inches to put the belt on and then let gravity take over.

If you want to maintain a vintage look you can probably find an inexpensive old motor at a flea market or even at a motor repair shop though they will likely charge you more. Used 3/4 horse power motors of any vintage are readily available for very little money. Even new ones aren’t too much. Make sure it is 1750 rpm and single phase, unless you have 3-phase power, which isn’t likely.

Hope this helps.

Rich P.
Front Room Press
Milford, NJ