Windmill GT Parts Swap

Hi G(T) owners,

I have a number of extra Heidelberg GT (13x18) parts. For example, I have some extra (new) 440mm gripper assemblies (GT1304F), new bearings (GT0629), and new runners for the inking rollers (GT0912). I also have a set of nickel lay gauges for the T (10x15), which I don’t need.

My machine came without any friskets, so I’d be really interested in swapping parts for this. Also, if you have any left brass lay gauges (i.e., T 0264 F), I could certainly need some more of those - I dropped a few into the abyss under the platen arm before I grew wise. I’d also be interested in swapping parts for those.

For easy parts references (at least easier than the original parts book), see my website at, which also contains an Excel sheet with a parts list as well as a manual that I am working on (based on the original).

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You can open the side covers and fish those guides out. It is sort of a rite of passage for any Windmill owner. You might be surprised at what else you find down there.

Oh man… just snuck into my workshop to take a look. I’ve never noticed the inspection plate (T 0111) before now as it’s partially obscured by the pump and hoses - thanks so much! Can’t can’t wait to see what else might be in there.

Just be careful when you go digging around inside your Windmill for things like razor blades or lost makeready knives. You never know what someone might have lost in there.

There are plates on both sides. Double the fun!

Funny I’ve never noticed either inspection plate! It is just an incredibly fascinating machine - it’s almost as if the engineers thought of everything! Thanks Michael and Mike! I love this site (except for that guy who keeps posting crypto coin messages).

I guess the previous owner must have been die cutting like the wind! Look at some of the stuff I found when opening the inspection plate…