Moving a Heidelberg Windmill

I need help trying to remove a Heidelberg from a Box Truck cargo trailer in my driveway and into my garage in Durham, NC.
It will already be loaded - I just need suggestions (or physical help) trying to unload it

Many thanks!

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From my personal experience, if you can get it firmly secured—and I do mean firmly secured— on a hardwood palette, a forklift is the answer…….or at least one possible answer…..db

Personally, moving my Windmill was such an ordeal and such a risk that I’d just go right ahead and hire a rigger the next time. They have all the right equipment to move it safely and are typically pretty inexpensive.

My windmill was on a pallet, we unloaded it with a forklift. From there I hired a rigger to get it off the pallet onto a oil pan, etc.

I have unloaded my windmill from a pallet and put it back onto a pallet twice now just using 2 bars through the 4 holes in the base using a pallet truck to raise and lower the bars having propped them up with pieces of 4 x 2 blocks of wood. Always keep the flywheel side slightly higher than the pump side to prevent it tipping over.