Masseeley Cutting & Bordering Dies and Cutters

Has any one come across Masseeley Cutters and Dies and more to the point has any one used them? Just wondering if they could be used on a windmill or if there was a special machine.

image: 20230607_195352.jpg


image: 20230607_195435.jpg


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Yes there is a special machine a masseeley ticket and showcard machine c.1932, I have one in my shed but I sold my brass type many years ago to a chap who wanted it for a masseeley hot foil, but I did use it with coloured papers and heavy card it cuts the letters out and presses it into the card with a lot of force, I suppose the equivalent today are the leather die cutting hand operated ones on ebay.

I suppose you could use on platen if you mounted on suitable height base with adhesive, I will try upload pictures later,

cheers John