Heidelberg GT - Impression Strength

Here’s a follow-up question from my question yesterday (“Heidelberg GT gripper height off platen + packing”) - still trying to figure out why I need so much packing. I’m wondering what impression you other GT users are applying for, say, printing on 24 lb regular stock with 3-pt packing and what steel plate, if any, you’re using to do regular printing (if you have a ground-out platen). Any help would be much appreciated.

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Here’s my dilemma put differently - the distance from the form bed (without form/chase) to the platen (without any packing or screw-on steel plate) is 96 pt.

The form base (e.g., a Boxcar base is 63 pt (0.875”)) and the packing should max. be 3 pt — i.e., a total of 66 pt. The maximum “travel” of the swinging platen when closed is 20 pt (i.e., lifting the impression lever from 0-20 on the GT scale closes the platen by 20 pt - 1 line represents 1 pt). In other words, even at impression “20”, that still leaves me with a ~10 pt gap between the tympan sheet and the base + polymer plate. Any thoughts?