New Gauge Pins PAW-CLAWS

After many years of looking for an alternative to Kort Adjustable Gauge Pins, I developed my own 3D printed gauge pins called Paw-Claws.
Paw-Claws are easy-to-use and will not interfere with furniture, reglets, or spacing material.

Check out the video to see how easy they are to used.

They are available on my website

Priced at 3 Paw-Claws for $20, or 6 Paw-Claws for $30, shipping included.

image: PawClawsinside.jpeg


image: PawClawsoutsie.jpeg


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Hi, Steve! These look very interesting. Why a diagonal cut? Is it to give you more latitude for adjusting the register?

Congrats on selling out your first batch.

Yes, that is exactly why I’ve always made diagonal cuts. Even when using the Kort Guage pins I’ve done that and it has provided more flexibility when positioning the pins.

Regarding the Paw-Clawsa, I’ve had a great response, and they sold out in less than 2 weeks.
I am however redesigning them to be a little smaller and more robust. I will keep everyone posted.