Saw Eric Nevins post on Kottke, interested in how I can help

Hey there, I saw Eric’s invitation for introductions over here to help out with briar press. I’ve been a long time member and used to work with line goose press out of Eugene Oregon, would love to talk more about what sort of things y’all need help doing. This is me for reference!

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Can you link to the post or summarize it? I went looking and couldn’t find anything.

Hi there!

I have joined Eric’s team to assist with admin and look forward to connecting with this community. Right now, we are working on revamping this website. If you have experienced any bugs, such as email issues, please reach out to me directly. Thanks so much for your willingness to help!

- Hanna

Hanna, I’ve been on this site for years! What is going on! I’ve replied to ads In Classified Wanted with no reply. Some have a phone number, and I’ve called them. They didn’t get my reply to their ad. I’ve email people I’ve dealt with in the past, this problem has been going on for awhile. Is there a end in sight!

Hi Winston,

Thank you for the feedback. Yes, the team is actively working on repairs. Please keep an eye out for announcements on this discussion board in the coming weeks.