Adana HS No.3 Adjustment springs

Hello. I’ve just acquired an Adana HS3. The rollers are on order so just cleaning it up for now. The spring / rod set-up in the base looks odd to me, and I wondered if anyone could shed some light this.

There is some reference to this feature in this thread:

On mine, adjusting the bolt on the left in the photo smooths the action of opening the press. ‘Tightening’ that nut causes the press to close partially, if the handle is released from its up position. This is logical, because the knob at the rear prevents the metal rod in the base retracting further, so offering resistance which the spring on the left can act on.

There is also a washer and split pin. There is only one position hole for this pin. I presume the washer and split pin are there to force the bar to slide, keeping the left spring and attaching arm in contact.

The knob at the rear is not itself adjustable, the bar being threaded just enough for the knob to be attached securely.

The spring to the right is unconstrained (at least this is how the press arrived) and appears to serve no purpose, because the rod can offer no resistance in that direction.

I presume the purpose of this mechanism is to smooth out the feel of the press as the rollers travel up and down. But without the bar being secured, as I say, it can only act in one direction.

My best guess is that the spring on the right is a red herring that someone has added (for what reason?) but any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


image: BaseSpring.jpeg


image: RearView.jpeg


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