Happy to know

I am just too happy to know that there are letterpress lovers out there in full force. I remember the sad day 2 years ago when we moved to our new facility that i have to pay the movers to “throw-away” a C&P size 10x15 all because there is no space in our new facility.

A few months after, I missed the sight of that C&P and my search on the internet led me to Massachusetts (thanks! Dave Churchman) who referred me to a wonderful guy, Peter Sweet in Camden, just across the Ben Franklin Bridge. I bought a C&P Pilot Press, numbering boxes, some perforating rules, quions, furniture and new rollers. Today this little guy is just the love of my life as it sits proudly surrounded by our wide format digital equipment. We have a 36-inch and 90-inch Eco-Solvent Oce and an Oce-860 engineering printer, and a 2color tower offset press.

I will tell you later guys how my love for letterpress have led me to this undying love of printing as a craft, vocation and a life-time pursuit.

Congratulations for a wonderful sight and God Bless all letterpress people…!!!


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