Where to purchase BLANK COASTERS

I am interested in knowing where I can purchase blank coasters for letterpress. What thickness would work better on a C&P Pilot Press?

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American Coaster Company sells blank coasters by the case in three different thicknesses: www.americancoaster.com.

I print with the extra thick ones on my C&P 10x15. Just remove most or all of your packing.

If you’re planning on quantities, buy blotter paper and die cut your own with steel rule dies. Print before die cutting.

Where do you find Blotter paper and does it come in different colors? How thick is it?

sfseguine: Try one of the older independent paper suppliers in your area. Here in the Detroit area we have Millcraft (formerly Standard Paper Co.) 2607 Fourteenth St., Detroit, Michigan 48216, 313-963-9163, Fax 313-963-9085. They have a store in Toledo, and some other cities. Blotting paper was available in many colors, also enamel coated, you should do good with this on any platen letterpress, GOOD LUCK!

Thank you so much for the information. So would a place like Kelly Paper supply the paper. I live just 10 min. south of San Francisco, so I am sure there are suppliers here. Sometimes it is just hard to find them.