albion press in australia for sale [closed]

Dear Printmakers!

Finally i have found a site that is in tune with what i do! Fantastic!

Im hoping that someone will let me know if they have an ALBION PRESS for sale in Australia?

Thank You.

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I wish you good luck…You might not find one of these, and if you do, you will be paying many thousands for it.
That one is $15,000 US

I have seen one somewhere for 4,000 British pounds

You will have quite a bit of hunting in front of you…and might have to deal with international freight. I know there are a few printers from ‘down under’ on this site…maybe they have some ideas?

many thanks for your reply!
at least this site does work!
have a grt week,

dear graeme, i know of an albion press for sale in adelaide. if you are interested please contact me for more details.

We are also looking for an Albion Press for a museum

peter and others,

If you are looking for presses and other equipment as well as letterpress events, classes etc. your notice will receive more attention if you put a free Wanted ad in the Classifieds at Briar Press.

For your press, you can also search the Printer's Yellow Pages by location and country for equipment dealers or people near you who might have printing contacts that could lead to finding your Albion.

I am after details of an Alexandra (similar to the Albion) Press including assembly and a photo with permission to use on the web. Please contact for more details.

It’s not an Albion Press, but there is a Chandler and Price press listed on eBay Australia at present. The only hitch is that it comes as part of a job lot, along with a guillotine, an off-set press and miscellaneous items so it is quite pricey.

I wouldn’t mind some of the miscellaneous items!

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