Heidelberg 10x15 shearing collar

I was reading my user manual on this part of the press. How important is it that there are no fractures in this part? does it really make that much difference to the impression?

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As far as the shearing collar goes, it’s either sheared or not: no in between. To the best of my knowledge, there will be no impression if the collar is sheared.

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Hi Meaghan,
I would fix it. I’ve never had to replace a shear collar, but as its name implies, it is a safety device to prevent severe damage to the press. It should be intact. You are now likely getting impression by over tightening the impression lever to compensate for the broken collar. I saw 2 collars sold on EbayUK for $20ea. The seller had one left. $10 shipping to Australia. When you install the new collar, back the impression way off before testing.
Congratulations on your fountain success. Your press is returning to its former glory and with maintenance and lots of oil (read the manual pages on oiling pg12) will serve you well with millions of impressions in the future. Dick

The user manual and the parts manual have become my bible. I have already replaced the collar - I bought the part from heidelberg directly. I haven’t tested the new part as I am waiting the arrivals of some plates for printing. But I was just curious about how such a small part of the press could affect the impression and by how much - I suppose I will find out shortly - I have also backed the impression right off - and by the way what does that mean - I turned the handle anti clockwise intil I couldn’t turn it anymore - does that mean it is backed right off?

thanks dick :):

That is super. Yes, counter/anti-clockwise turns of the knurled collar lessen impression force. As I remember, tightening the impression lever closes the press tighter at the top. Since much of the printing is light forms and/or printed near the bottom, the lever requires little attention. Squeezing it a little tighter at the top will make heavy full page forms print better. I think the shear collar is like a collapsible spacer washer. The quality of the impression wouldn’t have been affected much since you could compensate, if indeed the fractured collar compromised the impression. I first operated a windmill in about 1958-59. I don’t remember calling them “windmills” in those days. I do remember how “wowed” I was with that smooth, quiet, precision piece of machinery - a real difference from the clatter of the C&Ps & Kluges when I started in 1948. Best wishes on your endeavors’. Dick

Updated. I have used a 10x15 and a 13x18 over ten years now and have replaced 3 shearing collars on the 10x15 (large areas with extreme pressure of hot foiling will do that :P )

There is a ‘in between’ type918 they DO fracture and depending how much pressure you use decides how long you get out of the fractured collar before it completely goes the more pressure the sooner it becomes useless to a point where there is no pressure at all!

after replacing the shear collar keep an eye on the bolts at the back of the machine remain tight, the middle one might become loose….

I get the shearing collars from these guy’s http://www.bhprint.net/ they have copyrights to actually make these parts for heidelbergs!