Ink offsetting on Miehle Vertical

Hi Fellow Letterpress Printers!

At this time I am working on an order of greeting cards with heavy impression on a Miehle Vertical, and am having trouble with ink offsetting.
I have put on the press a Powder Spray Unit, ink is still offsetting.
Any advise will be appreciated.

Trident is a Ukrainian Printing Company in Oakville, Ontario that
prints two colour, three colour or four colour Wedding Invitations LETTERPRESS, CP .

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you’re right…. you have heavy impression and if you are using coated gloss stock it is likely to happen even though you have spray powder. also try to thicken your ink. if your ink is too soft, this is also going to happen. offsetting is a nasty problem and you need to handle this well or you will ruin your job.

also do not thicken your pile. have thin piles like about 100 sheets only.

you can also try using a special japanese made spray powder instead: the Nikka AS-160. i really like this powder because it doesn’t clog or harden in the spray system. this is the only spray powder that i use!

good luck!

You might try slip sheeting a piece of cheap newsprint in between your copies of the wedding invitations.

Thanks, Freddyphila
I will be trying different ink, and look into Nikka As-160 powder.
Thanks, fatsean
It ‘s a solution for a small run, but not for printing 10,000.