mixing dark red ink

Help? I use Van Son Rubber Based Inks and have a hard time getting a true dark red that doesn’t lean toward magenta/burgundy. The Pantone Guide doesn’t have the red that I have in mind either so I was wondering if anyone had some tips. I’ve tried using various bases — rubine, warm red, scarlet — and have mixed some lovely colors, just not the exact one I’m hoping for. I’ve heard from painters that a true deep red is hard to come by b.c of the pigment. Any opinions or advice?


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I use Van Son oil-based inks and I have had some success mixing a dark red as follows: Start with Dutch Fireball (PS 185) and add Rubine Red until you get close to the red you want then add TINY amounts of black to darken it. By tiny I mean match-head amounts of black. You could also try tiny amounts of Violet—that works, too.

Hope this is helpful.