rollers for C&P 12x18

Hello all,
I am new here, so I will furnish little history about me. I am 43 years old and have been an offset pressman for 24 years. I have also spent some time doing letterpress work. I currently own a small business doing letter press, offset printing and foil stamping.
I am the proud owner of a 12x18 Chandler and Price press. My trouble is, the rollers are so sticky I can no longer use them. They are a light brown in color when the are clean.
I think they are some sort of compisition? Where should I look for some new rollers?
Does someone recover the old cores, and if so who? I would like to go with a rubber roller. I use this press to print on a heavy board stock used to make boxes. I also would like to use the press to print some old halftone engravings of some historic railroad pictures for our annual hometown celebration. Any help would be most appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

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Ah. You’ve a set of vinyl rollers displaying their characteristic meltdown. Composition does not have such stickness, neither, of course, does rubber. Green, brown, and clear are the most common colours encountered with this type of roller. To recover the rollers, Tarheel Roller Company should be contacted (1-336-766-9823). Discuss your needs with David Hauser. You will find him to be very knowledgeable about letterpress rollers. The company also has a website that is most interesting to visit. Enjoy your 12x18 - it’s a very capable press being able to handle most everything from business card to diecutting to embossing with no strain. In my opinion.

Hey, Thanks for the info! I will get in touch with these folks and see what they will do. I think rubber would be the best bet for me. I don’t use the old press very much, but I enjoy the trip back in time when I do get a job for it. Many Thanks, I will keep you posted on my progress.