As the flywheel Turns… These are the days of our printing

Which way is the fly wheel supposed to turn on a new style C&P

Does it really matter?

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On the one I use, it turns away from you if you are standing at the feed board, or counter-clockwise if you are looking at it directly.

The flywheel always should turn away from you. That way, if you ever have to grab it suddenly to stop the press, it won’t break your wrist.

Makes sense thank you. The guy that I bought the press from said it went toward you and I didn’t think that was right…

The flywheel does indeed turn counter-clockwise and was so instructed by the manufacturer. And, although stopping the press might be a benefit of that turning, it’s more the design of the platen action which dictates that direction. Although imperceptible to some, there is a definite difference in platen dwell should the action be clockwise. That, plus the rise of the cam follower is smoother - hence less wear on the bearing/support than if operated in reverse. Looking at the inside of the gear wheel, turn the press through by hand while observing said action. Additionally, that little bearing is the most over-looked oiling spot on a C&P. In my opinion.