Heidelberg windmill spare parts/rollers?

Hi, ive just got 2 windmill 10x15`s from ebay to diecut mainly, but im looking at printing with them as well

but… ive got no ink (forme?) rollers..,

does anyone know where i can get rollers for it ? , anywhere that will post to UK
its the 2 moving ones that ink the plate i need, i would also need whatever goes on the end of them to attach them to the arm on the press the bearing `bits` (no idea what they are called), i have a draw of spares on both full of all sorts of bits so maybe ive got bearings for the rollers in in there? (what goes on the end, i cant see from the heidelberg books i have?)

Are they the same for both types of press i have , one with a red handle and one with black handle?


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