I have been using oil based inks for awhile now and I wont to get into something else. Has any one used Acrylic (Spinks, or Van Son), and liked it, or should I just try Rubber or Soy based?

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I’ve used Vanson and it seems to work best by far but I’ve also experimented with rubber (also pretty good). Soy inks are okay too but not those silly dick blick japanese kinds.

Check for vegetable based stuff. Keep in mind it’s only 20-30% vegetable based at max. The rest is still petroleum.

What about Acrylic has any one ever used it?

I’ve used Van Son CML and changed to Van Son Sona Print, Van Son Quickson and Mix Masters.

Spinks and Mix Master both have good inks.

Sona Print is a soy based ink. There has been much discussion on this topic of soy inks.

Are you having any difficulty with inks?


No I just wanted to know if Acrylic was a way to go, I really dont care which one I use.