C&P Oldstyle Belt & Motor hookup?

Hi! does any one have a picture of a flywheel riding on top of a motorized belt to make it spin? One end of the belt goes to the motor and one to a wheel on some sort of contraption with a long metal handle like the throw-off lever. Is this lever possibly a shifting lever?


Ok! Here is the picture of the contraption. The top of the handle is shaped just like the throw-off lever.

image: pulley 007.jpg

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Courtney -

That lever is either a clutch or a brake. Can you post a photo of the press so that we can tell you more?

- Alan

Here it is. Thanks for your help!

For those of you wondering what I have…

Nils at Tagalong press has done some fantastic detective work and found a picture from an old 1923 ATF Catalog. This appears to be a Friction Drive system with pedal control. Now to get it set up.

The pulley appears to be an idler arm that will supply tension to the belt when you want to engage power.

How are you doing on that set up?

It’s gonna be a couple of weeks, I’m still cleaning gunk off the press. And I am going to need to build something to anchor the part and motor down to. Providing it still works….