When to replace C&P rollers, belt?

I have a Chandler & Price Old Style, rebuilt by Brandtjen & Kluge, that I’m cleaning up, oiling and preparing for use.

How can I tell if the rollers and belt need to be replaced? The rollers have some score-marks around them in places and I have no idea if that’s normal or a sign they need to be replaced (yes, I’m green!)

The belt… well, it just looks old and currently isn’t on the press… how do I tell if it’s good to go or needs to be replaced?

Then, if I need to replace these where do I buy them? The press is also missing its upper feed table.

(Apologies for any incorrect terminology, I’m still poring over diagrams to learn all the proper names…)

Any advice much appreciated!

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Print something with the press. Then you will know if the rollers are good enough for what you’re doing. The scoring may not make much difference; what is critical is their ability to transfer ink. Chances are, the belt is OK, even if it appears to be quite worn. NA Graphics in Colorado has parts for your press, including rollers. They have a web site.

Thanks Kevin!

So I’ll wait and see if the rollers distribute the ink evenly or not.

Is there anything I should know about putting the belt back on the machine, so that I don’t damage it in the process?

And thanks – I’ll check out the NA Graphics site. Appreciate the help!

In case you haven’t gotten to the belt yet. I just put an C&P Old Style 10 x 15 back together after moving it to my basement. After some trial and error, I realized that the brake needs to be on when you start the motor. This disengages the clutch and allows the belt wheel to spin freely. Then you can slowly ease the brake off and allow the the clutch to engage. You can control the speed of the press this way.

Otherwise the motor shaft kept spinning on the belt, and it would soon fly off. This is a good way to ruin the belt.

Hello. How about using an inflated tire against the flywheel rather than a belt? I went to a local carnival this weekend and saw one of the large rides using such a method. Seems a reasonable alternative to a belt.