Crane Lettra: Is this Correct

I went on to the Crane site today to order paper like I usually do and I am looking at the price of the 110lb lettra 8.5x11 and see that the price is $42.00. I just bought some last week and it was $27. Is this price right?

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Updated. looks like they raised quite a few of their paper prices, and not even subtly.
you can get it from in bulk- 1000 sheets for $224- still more than you’d have paid for 1000 sheets of it at $27/ream, but better than the new price.

Thanks lmp. I just ordered a carton just in case they raise their prices too.

WOW, that’s ridiculous! How can they mark it up so much? I guess it’s time to look for a new supplier. I think we should all protest.

Just a quick chime in…

Oddly enough, I had phone call from Crane’s regional manager late last week…after only dealing with them online. After I saw the *huge* price jump from Thursday to Friday (literally), I gave her a call back. She had no idea. No one had thought to contact her, so that she could, in turn, call her contacts.

She said she’d do a little digging, and call me back. I got her call this morning…the prices have indeed gone up—in some cases 50%—because they’d been undercutting their distributors. After voicing my many concerns, she suggested I start ordering from a distributor, since they were likely to give me the best price. I kindly let her know that I had no use for a pallet of paper…and that while I appreciated her contact, I would not likely be ordering from Crane’s in the near future.

She was sympathetic, but cannot ultimately do anything about the prices. She mentioned that she was going to include my concerns in her weekly report, so if anyone else would like to get their 2¢ in, message me and I’ll pass on her phone number.


I want to give my 2 cents whats her number. thats all I use is crane and I have no clue were else to buy paper that was that nice

I just got off the phone with Jim the manager of the business papers at crane and I explained that I was a very small press (out of my garage) and that I couldn’t afford to buy paper in bulk let alone store it. He was very nice and he did explain that it was a 33% increase and all that stuff. He was going to research a way that I could purchase the paper at a reasonable rate so I guess I’ll just wait for his call.

Question, If I bought the paper in parent sheets and cut it to regular sizes would people here purchase it from me if I dropped shipped it. I would have to do the math, but I dont see why that wouldn’t work. I would just need to know if there is enough demand, because I don’t want a ton of paper laying around my house

I would possibly be interested in buying some paper from some one or sharing the purchase.. Depend on cost. I just ordered some from Keldon Paper in CA. My first order. They are still cheaper I believe than crane’s website. around $1.06 per 23x30 sheet (plus shipping of course)
But they only carry Lettra

Has anyone found anyone that carries the Palette? Or have any other good paper brands/sellers?


i might be interested- i’m also about to order the 8.5x11’s from i figure it won’t take too long to go through 1000 sheets of it. if you’d rather order it that way and not have to cut it down, i’d be happy to send off some reams.

by the way… if it was $27 and now it’s $42, isn’t that a 56% increase? ick.

Ok so after doing some research last night I found they sell lettra in 22x30 sheets. There price is $105 for 100 sheets, but they will sell as little as 10 sheets for $10.50. If you have the means to cut it that seems like the best deal out there. Their website sucks but they are working on that. If you call; tell them Jamison sent yah

Keldon Paper stocks the complete line of Crane’s Crest and Crane’s Lettra in sheets and envelopes. Stock items are sold in less than carton quantities. We have full cutting capabilities and will ship to anywhere in the U.S.
Please contact Keldon Paper at 323.584.7777.

It seems your voices were heard because Crane dropped their price to $32.00 per ream for 8.5”x11” 110lb Lettra.

I get my paper from Xpedx and they seem to have competitive pricing. Last time I checked was (3 days) before the price increase but once I find out a new price, I’ll post it here.


Updated. Yes the keldon paper website is not good — maybe they will hear us and revamp it faster!

They are good on the phone — Jessica helped me. Very prompt — but make sure you ask about the grain direction if they are going to cut it!

They will cut your order ($15) and ship it same day (if its earlier than 4 pm pacific time)

If you call Keldon — you could say Angela sent you —- I brought them up first! :-)

Good to see the price on went down a bit!

Thanks to all for posting your sources and prices!

Legion Paper in NYC sells wholesale with a $250 minimum.
I have found them excellent to deal with.

Updates on Keldon paper — their cutting services are not the best.. they sheets were not the same size — makes for a nightmare when you plan to score them after you print them!!

So beware and double check if you do have them cut your sheets — especially if you are having them cut to a finished size.

One more update on Keldon Paper - I found them through this thread and was a little hesitant to have them cut the paper down to the finished size. However, I didn’t have a decent cutter, so I was willing to give it a try.

I ordered 25 Crane Lettra parent sheets cut down to 5.5”x4.25” and they were cut beautifully. They were all the same size with nice clean cuts.

Also, the customer service over the phone was excellent from both Carlos and Jessica.

Years ago, I took a tour of the Printing Plant in Washington DC where they print the ‘BIG BUCKS’. They said they use Crane Paper exclusively. (not sure if they still do or not) I’m wondering if this has anything to do with their increase.(?)

Opps, old thread…old increase

Dennis, Cranes has made the stock for our currency for eons, now thats all Cranes makes. Neenah now makes Lettra and all the other Cranes offerings.
From what I remember, the old 33% increase had to do with petroleum prices at the time. There was a more recent jump in paper prices due to China buying up all the pulp. It’s really been a roller coaster ride the last few years.

Why all the fuss about Lettra? Why don’t people use Somerset Velvet or Textured, it’s just as georgous and soft and a whole lot cheaper :)

Why all the fuss about Lettra? Why don’t people use Somerset Velvet or Textured, it’s just as georgous and soft and a whole lot cheaper :)

Bill, Thanks for the insight. I don’t buy much paper since I specialize in post-press. I enjoy printing personal stuff and I am thinking of doing more with quality paper. Maybe I should buy stock in China paper, eh?

There surely are a lot of nicer sheets than Lettra out there, but Cranes just makes it so darn convenient. If you don’t need matching envelopes, certainly try Somerset and its peers.
Your investment guess is as good as mine. If you ever have a minute to pick the brain of a paper salesman, hold on to your seat, there is no more market in turmoil than paper right now. The aquisitions and bankruptcies are happening at a blinding pace.