C&P Motor Part

Hello. I’ve got a C&P New Style. The other day, the metal shaft that leads from the motor out toward the belt literally sheared off. I’m calling this part, for lack of the correct word, the “thing-y”. The folks I asked to look at this called the thing-y a variable speed driver. While the cost of a new motor seems feasible, the cost for the thing-y seems outrageous and I’m wondering if there are other options I could pursue as opposed to purchasing over $700 for new equipment. Interestingly, my press doesn’t accommodate a treadle, otherwise I would go for that option.

I’m curious to know if anyone knows where I can find this part or if they could give me some advice about the best way to approach this issue. Thank you!

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Kelly Perri…please see http://www.boxcarpress.com/flywheel/manuals/CP_PartsList.pdf and reply with a better definition of “thing-y”!