paper cutter question

I’ve been using Fiscar’s paper trimmer. It is a great little tool for it’s price, but I can only cut one piece at a time. I’m thinking about getting a stack paper cutter, but I’m not sure if it can cut thicker papers such as lettra. Does anybody use stack paper cutter like this? (Photo attached)

image: cutter.jpg

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I have this paper cutter and I like it. I actually wrote a review about it on my blog.

I have the same cutter and if you get one my advice is to keep the main screw under the removeable type well greased. this is the screw that lifts and closes the clamp.There are some pretty weak bearings in there and when they go the clamp will bust and it’s a pain in the A to replace and install. open up the top (there is a little screw behind the wheel you can’t see in the pic) and give it a good lube and often…