C&P vs. Heidelberg Windmill

Which one would you recommend for a commercial printing (invitations, greeting cards, etc.) business? Any info would be greatly appreciated.



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There is not a right or a wrong answer to this question. Both presses are fine machines, and I use both in my business. The windmill is more suited for longer runs, but there again, a job will dictate which press I use. Gripper margin comes into play, at times. Ease of washup, if multiple colors are used are also contributing factors. If I have had a long day, if a job will run on the windmill, that is the ticket!!

I think it comes down to which press you are most comfortable with. If you are unfamiliar with the Windmill, the learning curve is much higher than with the Chandler and Price. Because ultimately you’ll want the press you feel confident in using and comfortable making adjustments to.

From my experience, most of the time a commercial printer would use the Windmill. Its quickness and precision is hard to beat. But James Carpenter is right, a variety of factors will dictate which press is best.

Good luck,
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