Australian letterpressers - where to find Van Son rubber based inks?!

Hi all,

Am just wondering if any Aussie letterpress folks out there know of an Australian supplier (preferably in NSW but I am not picky!) of the Van Son rubber based inks.

I am after the basic inks I need to mix Pantone colours - which I believe is rubine red, pantone yellow, process blue, opaque white and black. I’d also like to get my hands on Van Son Gold PMS 871, Gold PMS 874 and Silver PMS 877.

I called AE Hudsons yesterday with high hopes as according to their website they stock Van Sons… all I will say is that sadly I was less than impressed with their customer service!

Info about any other Australian suppliers out there would be very much appreciated. I know there are plenty in the US but shipping tins of ink will kill me in cost! :)

Thanks in advance!

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Ray Berwick, in Commercial Print
GBC Australia
[email protected]
Regents Park, Sydney
Mention my name:
William at Online On-Demand Printing at Sefton.
He is a charming man, personally dedicated, but employed by the “big” firm; if he can help, he will. But nothing is cheap, so be prepared to pay commercial prices, after all they need to make a living as well.
Regarding other suppliers, its simple, look up the yellow pages phone book: Printers, Supplies!!!
William Amer, Australian.
Compositor and Printer

Thanks William - much appreciated!

I thought I should share my recent experience with GBC, although I acknowledge Will has had a better time of it - I put in a small order via their website - six cans arrived in very rudimentary packaging, one had opened and coated everything in bright ruby red - I complained, so they quite cheerfully replaced it - with another tin in a box with no packaging whatsoever, which duly spilt in transit also! I think in future I will deal with Melbourne Etching Supplies, who stock at least some of the Van Son rubber inks - MES is more expensive, but so far have packed things well for freight, including inks.